Wedding Dress Preservation Guide

You chose the perfect dress and now it comes attached with fantastic memories of your wedding day. Read our guide about how best to preserve your dress so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Your wedding dress is a really sentimental item and means a lot to any bride. Whether you paid a small fortune for it or it was passed down to you by your mother, it deserves your care and attention so that it can be admired and preserved for years to come.


After having had the wedding ceremony, it´s to be expected that your dress will be in need to a professional clean. It may also need small repairs. Address all of these issues as soon as you arrive home from your honeymoon or maybe you can ask your Maid of Honour to take care of it before then. The sooner you have it professionally cleaned – the sooner you can get it packed away from further damage.


You may have space in your wardrobe or perhaps you´d prefer to store you dress in a box. Decide which is more suitable for you. Bear in mind that hanging will avoid the dress getting creased; although this may not be a huge problem unless you plan to wear the dress at short notice. Acid free tissue paper is ideal for covering and protecting your dress.


If you´re storing your dress in a box, lay it in hem first with tissue paper fold between each crease. Stuff the inside of the bodice and sleeves with tissue. Put a layer of tissue on the top before you close the lid. If you are hanging your dress buy a special hanger with padding and place it in a cloth garment bag in a cool dry wardrobe.

Make a Visit

Don´t forget about your dress, make sure you get it out annually to ensure that it still looks as fresh as the day you wore it. Enjoy the memories and make sure you get any problems dealt with by a professional.